Prive Bel


The brand Prive Bel concept was born in 2016 and created by young Russian designer and founder.

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The brand Prive Bel concept was created and founded by self-thought in lingerie industry Morozova Ornelia. From early age she started to discover her passion to classic music, fashion and classic-romantic genre books. Also her grandmother and mother left the big trail by revealing secrets of women beauty, worth and love. So she start to develop a deep understanding of women senses like sensuality, tender, sophistication, elegance and chic. She was working in fashion industry since 2012 and few years later 2016 she decided to create Prive Bel lingerie concept Her main sources of inspiration to create concept Prive Bel are confident women in their natural beauty, fearless women with strong personality without compromising their femininity. Ornelia’s mission is to create a savoir-faire lingerie by mixing chic, blend of heritage and modernity. Prive Bel signature is a bet on the finest and most innovative fabrics in lingerie fashion, delicate lace, using handmade techniques and embroideries. Prive Bel is handmade in Europe.Items stand the test of time in design and comfort. Ornelia believe that lingerie has a power on a women emotions, it can instantly create an character or mood, to make women connect with her alter ego, throw her into another dimension of reality, bringing out their very sensual side

Prive Bel signature is a bet on design with latest innovations in linjerie fashion and highest quality materials.

Prive Bel items stand the test of time in design and comfort.

Prive Bel is designed and handmade in Europe.

Prive Bel message is : Classy, sensual, provocative, the abundance of womens’ vibes.